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Embark on a journey with your little one as they discover the wonders of the world! Embrace the joy of free play and encourage their curiosity.

Playing is a powerful tool for the child development.

Why PlanToys?

When your little one engages with toys such as building blocks, pretend-play toy sets, or sorting boards, puzzles, and mechanical toys, the journey of both environmental and self-discovery has started! Free play develops problem-solving skills, spatial perception, stimulates emotional expression and self-confidence. Watch your child develop socially as they learn to naturally express feelings, communicate and play alongside their peers.
Tell stories, create scenarios and sing a songs with your newborn to support cognitive development by using floating baby books or photo books with vivid colors. Encourage your baby to learn about the world around them via imaginative exploration with unbreakable safety mirrors.
We contribute to child improvement by cultivating a positive attitude in life both towards oneself, society, and the environment through Sustainable Play. These well-designed toys enhance the development of children from 0 to 5 years old and nurture them with freedom of play and a closer relationship to nature.


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You are welcome to visit our space, enjoy the play with these toys and decide which one you'd like to take with you.
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